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Wickermoss New Single ‘Babalik’

Wickermoss, the Filipino alternative rock band, is making a return to their roots as they reunite with AltG Records after 18 years.

Founded by Reiman Gesmundo (guitars) and Roger Alcantara (bass), Wickermoss captured the hearts of their fans with their melancholic sound with an eclectic mix of various influences such as pop, folk, jazz, and progressive rock.

The band’s breakthrough album “Falling Leaves,” originally released under AltG Records, contains noteworthy tracks such as “Buwan,” “Falling Leaves,” and “Letters.” This deeply resonated with their audience because of the raw emotions that came with their music.

Wickermoss Members:

      Allen Lucas – lead vocals, guitars

      Reiman Gesmundo – guitars

   Karmi Santiago – drums

      Rigil Borromeo – guitars

      Roger Alcantara - bass

Single/Song Description: 

The song was composed by one of its original members, Reiman Gesmundo.


From the composer:

The emotions conveyed in this song are deeply rooted in pain and a desire for retribution. The lyrics express the hurt and anguish experienced, as well as the intense wish for some form of punishment to befall the person who has caused harm.


The lyrics express sentiments that arise when one is deeply hurt, highlighting the desire for justice or karma to prevail and captures the raw vulnerability and anger that can accompany such experiences.


Listeners will resonate with the relatable themes of betrayal, heartbreak, and a longing for vindication. The song serves as an outlet for those who have experienced similar pain, providing solace and validation through its honest portrayal of these emotions.


In essence, this song dwells into passion offering a release for listeners who have endured hurtful experiences themselves. It stands as a moving reminder that even in moments of darkness, there is power in expressing our pain and finding comfort in music's ability to articulate our deepest feelings.

Babalik to start streaming on August 25. 

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