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Puregold engages Pinoy BL community in exciting “My Plantito” fan meet

Ardent viewers of Puregold Channel’s first BL (Boy-Love) series, My Plantito, recently got the chance to engage with the stars of the show—and the creative minds behind it—in an afternoon of fun, kilig, and big surprises at the Puregold QI Central. 


Held last September 16, the fan meet was attended by the cast and crew of My Plantito, which included its sought-after leads Kych Minemoto and Michael Ver, and the rest of the series stars—Ghaelo Salva, Devi Descartin, Elora Espano and Derrick Lauchengco. 


Award-winning director Lemuel Lorca, producer Chris Cahilig, and Puregold senior marketing manager Ivy Hayagan-Piedad warmly welcomed the crowd at the fan meet, which was hosted by actor and model VJ Mendoza.


Ms. Piedad was specially thrilled by the huge turnout at the event. “My Plantito’s multitude of fans—BL lovers and plantitos and plantitas—showed up to express their heartwarming support for the series, proving that Puregold is on track with its retailtainment efforts,” she shared. “Trust that we will continue to connect with our customers and followers with more stories that resonate with Filipino romcom lovers.” 


The show’s very own “Charming Charlie,” Kych Minemoto, also showed his appreciation for fans who attended the first-ever My Plantito fan meet. “In this intimate encounter with our followers, we felt their joy, their energy, and saw the smiles on their faces . . . it was priceless!” Kych gushed. “I relish being part of Puregold Channel’s My Plantito, and I’m constantly overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception of fans from here and abroad."


Michael Ver, the mysterious Miko Plantito, is just as excited. “This fan meet is like a big, warm hug from our viewers. It's touching to see how much they appreciate our work and how they‘re able to relate to our narrative. This is the kind of support that inspires us and Puregold Channel to keep delivering our best.”


During the fan meet, two lucky fans were given the chance to bring home all the items they could grab during the One-Minute Puregold Grocery Hakot. 


Another highlight of the event was the performance by Kych Minemoto and Michael Ver, who brought the characters of Charlie and Miko to life right before the eyes of their adoring fans. 


A digital series to watch for, My Plantito has been receiving positive feedback from viewers, with each episode gaining over a million views within just a week of posting. Fans extol the series not only for its lighthearted BL storyline, but for the Filipino values it highlights such as family, friendship, love, and fun.


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