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Five life lessons from Puregold Channel's My Plantito

The best stories are those that make us feel warm and fuzzy—and impart meaningful life lessons. This was affirmed by Puregold Channel’s latest digital series, My Plantito, when it hit the Tiktok scene as the first-ever boy-love series on the platform. My Plantito swiftly ensnared the hearts of viewers, gaining a multitude of fans and followers that eagerly awaited each episode. 


At the center of this endearing narrative are lead characters Charlie (Kych Minemoto), a big dreamer and a content creator, and Miko (Michael Ver), a young businessman who happens to be an avid plantito. 


Soon, followers of the show realized that the kilig series also offered significant lessons for everyone. Here are just five of them:


There is power in unconditional acceptance and support from our families.


Charlie's journey is made easier by the unwavering support of his father, Janong, portrayed by the charismatic Chef Ghaello Salva. Janong's presence in Charlie’s life, coupled with light bantering (like teasing him about his crush for Miko) and heartfelt conversations, create a safe environment for Charlie's dreams to unfold, even when he temporarily steps away from university studies to pursue professional vlogging.


We must acknowledge the importance of consent and respect. 


Charlie's secret filming of Miko leads to an unfortunate turn of events that compels him to confront the values of consent and respect. The aspiring content creator realizes that in his enthusiasm to do his job, he breached certain boundaries. The consequences of Charlie’s errant behavior allow him to gain a better understanding of ethical content creation and basic human decency. 


While friends may often mean well, we must be more discerning when considering their advice. 


Charlie finds an ally in his loyal buddy, Bianca, credibly portrayed by Devi Descartin. However, in her eagerness to push Charlie toward his dreams, Devi dispenses with bad advice that Charlie should have thought twice about before heeding. 


Meanwhile, Miko's business partner Chem (Derrick Lauchengco) illustrates the kind of positivity that true friends share during life's challenging moments. 


We should always be accountable for our actions. 


In My Plantito, Charlie demonstrates to followers how his fine sense of accountability makes him acknowledge his misdeed, apologize sincerely for it, and rectifiy his error. This soon helps open doors to fresh opportunities for him. 


There is a need for more spaces for genuine self-expression. 


My Plantito's celebration of authenticity and inclusivity serves as a call for creating safe and loving environments where individuals can embrace their true selves. Through the characters’ honesty and open-mindedness, viewers learn that there is a need for more compassion in this world, in which people need to feel the acceptance they often long for. 



It’s not too late to join the My Plantito craze and immerse yourself in its insightful narrative. View the episodes on Puregold’s official Tiktok and YouTube channels. 


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