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Confidence Begins Here with Kojie.san SunProtect, Which Filters Out Dangerous Rays for a Perfect Glow.



It only takes 15 minutes in the sun to damage your skin. And while we love summer and its warmth, with the season comes the high possibility of causing irreversible harm to our skin.


Skin damage happens subtly, anytime and anywhere, even indoors, as long as we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. 


In fact, you may be experiencing signs of sun damage right now. 


More than 90 percent of wrinkles associated with aging are actually related to sun exposure. Even brown spots, blotchy skin, dark patches – all signs of sun-induced damage. Worse than these are the more alarming conditions: melanoma and various skin cancers.


Given how fast, unavoidable, and possibly permanent skin damage from sunlight is, it goes without saying that a good, effective, and powerful sunscreen is non-negotiable. 


Fortunately, Kojie.san SunProtect is exactly that. 


A sun care brand powered by a revolutionary Radiation Care (RadiCare) technology, Kojie.San SunProtect has three variants: Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++,  Kojie.san SunProtect Sport SPF50+ PA+++, and Kojie.san SunProtect Body SPF69 PA+++, all equipped with the skin care ingredients, and radiation shield, strong protective barrier against harmful sun and blue light radiation, no matter how short or long your sun exposure is. 


For all-around protection, Kojie.san offers the powerful SunProtect Body SPF69+ PA+++, with its non-greasy, water-resistant, and quick-absorbing formula.


For daily protection, the non-greasy, no white cast, and quick-absorbing Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++ (which conveniently also works as a makeup base) is an ideal choice for sunscreen that can shield the face from sun exposure. 


Those who are active and on-the-go can choose Kojie.san SunProtect Sport SPF50+ PA+++ as it is resistant to sweat, and has a non-greasy, antioxidant defense formula. 


Protect your skin from sun damage that can happen instantly! Choose the Kojie.san SunProtect product ideal for your lifestyle, and make it your weapon in the battle against sun damage, where prevention is always the best medicine. 







kojie.san is a complete skincare range formulated with the best choice ingredients in each product. It promises to deliver results with each use.



BEVI Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. is a beauty and skin care company established in 2006. The company was the first to introduce commercial use of kojic acid in the Philippine market and developed a range of effective products that are formulated with high-grade natural ingredients, inspired by Japanese heritage.


Kojic Acid is an active ingredient derived from fermented sake or “Japanese” rice wine. Commonly prescribed by dermatologists for its efficacy in treating skin pigmentation, sun damage, scars, and age spots – BEVi saw an opportunity to use this remarkable ingredient to benefit more consumers, especially to Filipinos who constantly aspire for lighter skin tone. Thus, the flagship brand Kojiesan was born.


Today, BEVi houses brands that cater to diverse categories beyond skin care. From basic to premium skin lightening, the portfolio has further expanded to anti-aging, brightening, anti-acne, men’s grooming, naturals, deodorants, antibacterial, aromatherapy.

BEVI fully commits to continuously provide the highest standard of beauty by innovating and exploring ways to deliver excellent products, not only in the country but also to the world.

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