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The convenience factor on why home buyers prefer investing in transit-oriented developments

City dwellers who work or study speak in favor of the rise of transit-oriented condo properties in manylocations across Metro ManilaTypically situated within walking distance to transport hubs and road networks, it is anticipated that these living spaces will relieve the daily monotony of lengthy commutes,offering office workers and students access to their schools and workplaces without the need for private vehicles or public conveyancesIndeed, residents of these high-rise developments can reduce their carbon footprint even as they save time, energy, and resources.


Potential homeowners who value hassle-free connectivity to different parts of the metro will likewise appreciate transit-oriented developments where getting a bus is as convenient as stepping out of the condominium


Got a client meeting at a place across town? Meeting with friends in the next city this weekend? The smooth integration of various transit modes will take residentfrom theircondominium property to their destination in relative comfort


An American study highlights the importance of mobility in shaping perceptions of quality of life. Residents who view transit service within their communities, as well as road conditions, congestion, and traffic safety, favorably are more likely to have a positive overall impression. The rest of the world seems to concur with these findings, as countries with efficient public transportation and commute systems like Switzerland, Singapore, and The Netherlands rank in the top 15 of the global Human Development Index.


In dynamic urban centers like Metro Manila, the pursuit of convenient, sustainable housing options has become a top priority for residents. According to a 2022 study by Social Weather Stations, only six percent of households in the capital region own private vehicles, meaning most citizens in the metro rely on daily commutes to get them from place to place. 


While the government is upgrading the national railway system, such as the Line 7 of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and the Metro Manila Subway, residing near a transportation hub ensures convenience. With lesser commute times and effortless connections to various city districts, residents—students and young professionals, in particular—will relish a lifestyle marked by unparalleled accessibility. 


Towards this endleading real estate developers have wisely focused on building transit-oriented developments, as the demand for improved accessibility among property owners grows more by the day.


Vista Land, the Philippines' leading integrated property developer, stands at the forefront of urban living with its diverse range of transit-oriented developments. Its ready-for-occupancycondominiums such as Vista Taft, Vista GL Taft, and Vista Recto offer residents unrivaled proximity to esteemed universities and transportation hubs. These strategically positioned residences redefine city living, seamlessly blending modern comforts with unmatched connectivity.  


These three Vista Land properties, in particular, are conveniently situated near two of the current rapid transit systems’ major stations—Recto Station, which is the final station of the LRT-2 and connects to the Doroteo Jose station of the LRT-1, and Taft Station, the southernmost station of the MRT-3. This means that those who reside in any of these Vista Land properties have quick access to all the metro has to offer.


Vista Land is committed to urban living, crafting vertical communities that not only meet the needs of the residents but also enhance their overall lifestyles. These transit-oriented developments epitomize convenience, connectivity, and sustainability, reshaping the living experience in Metro Manila. 

As Vista Land continues to lead with innovative real estate solutions, its pre-selling options, including Kizuna Heights and Plumeria Heights, expand the possibilities further for theirresidents. By offering vertical communities near key transportation hubs, the company empowers residents to embrace a lifestyle characterized by seamless connectivity and emerges as a symbol of progress, revolutionizing how residents live, work, and thrive in the heart of the city. 


Vertical residences for the Filipinos of today

Vista Land, the Philippines' leading integrated property developer, is committed to providing exceptional living experiences through its innovative residentialdevelopments. With a portfolio of groundbreaking projects across the Philippines, Vista Land continues to redefine the standards of modern living and create communities that inspire and enrich the lives of its residents. 

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