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ASEAN Party-list Pushes for One Professional per Family

A hundreds of party-list are vying for congressional post but voters can choose for only one. 

I heard personally the ASEAN Party-list that was discussed to some of the bloggers by Prof. Win Ballada who is accountant by profession and has published several books about accounting like "Accounting Made Easy." Prof. Win ranked top 2 in the CPA board exam and has long been an advocate of education. 

I’m so happy that the party-list focusses on education. And I myself knows the importance of having a good education since it will be your gateway to the future. 

ASEAN Party-list mission is to have  " At least one Professional for each family and this is to push that "Education is the Key"

ASEAN Party-list Platform can be summarized below: 

Access to Education; Adopt-A-Student Act, Faster and Cheaper Internet, Free WiFi in Schools

Scholarships, Subsidies and Support for Reviewees, Student and Educators, Salary Upgrades for Educators

Employment, Entrepreneurship, Ease of Doing Business, OFWs Reintegration, Enhanced TEDSA, all for Economic development

Anti-Corruption, Anti-Red Tape, Pro-ASEAN Integration, Amend CPD, Accountability in Govt Service

Nation-Building. Nominees are CPA-Deans, Educators, Book Authors, Practitioners and HR Professionals.

After the discussion, I am now sure that I am voting for ASEAN Party-list. Let’s not forget this coming election, #23 in the ballot. 

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