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AQ Prime Horror Film ‘KATOK’ Premieres October 29

AQ Prime is in time offering a Horror movie entitled “Katok” starring Ara Mina. Yñigo Delen, Joyce Javier, Mia Aquino and Soliman Cruz. Katok is Directed by Joven Tan and premieres on October 29. 

Katok is a story of a so-called haunted house where Ara Mina who plays Romina, a caregiver will be serving an old man played by actor Soliman Cruz. She should knock thrice, before she can enter the room of the old man. 

During the pocket presscon, Ara Mina says that she love doing Horror movie since she done it before via Shake Rattle and Roll. She also shared a scariest thing happen during their shoot “ "may isa kaming eksena na may biglang gumanun na kamay wala naman tao sa side na yun, lahat nasa side namin then may isa pa biglang nalaglag yung frame." Ara said. 

During the Press Conference

Now, that she is married and has a daughter, Ara said that she’s picky in accepting a role. Ara will be doing a series of projects, a movie and a television series. Indeed Ara is still in demand from her sexy roles before, Best Actress Awards and now a horror movie via AQ Prime, definitely a must watch film. 

KATOK premieres October 29, exclusively on AQ Prime. Download the app now! Available for download on Google Play and App store (for onlyP100 for three months). 

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