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Join the Plantito Party: Meet the stars of Puregold Channel’s latest hit Tiktok series!


Shout out to all viewers of Puregold Channel’s latest craze: My Plantito! Prep for an afternoon of kilig and excitement at the My Plantito Fan Meet, to be held on September 16, 4:00 p.m., at the Puregold QI Central store. 


Promising to be a celebration like no other, the fan meet will grant My Plantito followers a chance to meet and mingle with its stellar cast, participate in different gamesscore exclusive goodies, and snag wonderful freebies.


Just a week into its airing, My Plantito has ensnared the hearts of netizens with its delightful blend of romance, comedy, and all things green. The series, featuring the charming Kych Minemoto as Charlie and the mysterious Michael Ver as the Plantito Miko, has become a sensation on TikTok, with each episode amassing over a million views


Truly, fans can't get enough of the strongchemistry between the BL (Boy-Love) pair, who are just getting to know each otherFascinated by the show’s narrative and the cast‘s noteworthy performances, viewers are looking forward to the series’ first-ever fan meet whereseries leads Kych Minemoto and Michael Ver, and other beloved cast members that includeGhaelo Salva, Elora Espano, Devi Descartin, and Derrick Lauchengco, will be around to thank their supporters. 


With the creative guidance of producer Chris Cahilig and director Lemuel Lorca, My Plantito will surely have more to offer in its upcoming episodes. 


Meantime, don't miss this chance to connect with fellow fans and celebrate the success of My Plantito. It's going to be an afternoon filled with much laughter and unforgettable moments!


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